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We are a Michigan law firm in Detroit Metro Area that acts big! Our law firm offers high quality legal representation on complex legal matters while serving our client’s with the personal friendly touch of a traditional sole practitioner lawyer.


We represent clients at every level of the judicial system including the state and federal trial and appellate courts. We also appear regularly before state and federal agencies and in other forums to advance the interests of our clients and are experienced in all forms of alternative dispute resolution. We serve our clients by providing sound advice and counsel based upon years of experience and thorough legal analysis. We understand that the law is a means to accomplish our clients' objectives, not an end in itself.

We can Handle Your Case!

Our Michigan attorneys have successfully handled countless litigation cases, including but not limited to cases involving civil litigation, business litigation, real estate, automobile accidents, train and plane accidents, construction negligence, drug product liability, premises liability, wrongful death and birth injury cases. 

Our lawyers in Michigan know how the legal system works and how to make it work best for our clients

We Care About Our Clients

Our Michigan lawyers are well respected by the bench and other lawyers. We are all seasoned trial practitioners, and relentless in pursuing our client's interests. 

In the courtroom, our lawyers in Michigan are thoroughly prepared and take all steps necessary to zealously represent our client's interests. We care about our clients. We support them as important individuals and do whatever it takes, within the bounds of the law and ethics, to support their cause. We are compassionate about our client's cases.
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